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Thread: Should the ADAM only support EDEN concept based software ?

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    Should the ADAM only support EDEN concept based software ?


    Although I like the interface of the ADAM very much I'm a bit worried to focus on that interface alone. I'm convinced that 'heavy users' are not only productivity users but also techies (as I'm one). "our" requirements are somewhat different and I hope we'll have to possibility to shift to the default Android interface as well.

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    I think the latest "leaves" video, shows that we now have at least four different methods of interaction with users. First three are standard Android: full screen application, notifications and widgets. New method is support for a panel, which appears to be positioned somewhere between a full screen application and a widget, although looking at the Facebook and Twitter panels, they seem to resemble the medium resolution screen phone layouts, (would be interesting to see if panels can have notification threads). Default Android launcher does not support scrollable widgets, although several third party launchers do.

    Hopefully the Eden SDK will allow developers to add a panel at little to no cost, actually I would have liked to see that a default panel display is the same as medium resolution phone application. That may not be possible due to expectations of GUI/background thread processing, but if we ever want to see any kind of widespread developer support, then developing for Eden has to be at little to no cost, especially as we might suspect that Adam availability might be limited for the next couple of months.

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