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Thread: Help installing Android Market

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    Help installing Android Market

    Please forgive the griping that's about to happen, but I'm just very frustrated right now. How come every time there's an update I have to wipe all the data off my Adam and then start from scratch with all my apps? It's very frustrating! Especially because I'm not a huge techie and have to relearn how to do it every time!

    Anyway... now to the actual question. As I mentioned, I lost all my apps in the most recent update (and I wasn't actually able to install the ICS Beta... just wouldn't work for some reason), so I want to install the Android Market on my Adam and download some apps again, but I can't figure out how to do it. Once the app store is there, I know how to install apps, but... well, I need the app store to do it. And according to another post I found on the Notion Ink Forum, you don't need to root your Adam to do this, so I would like to do it without going through the rooting process if that's actually possible. (On the other forum, they said you didn't need to, but then linked to a post on how to root the Adam, so... not helpful.)

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Hi, the quick answer is that installing TR's Deadcomb ROM or similar it will work. As long as it's not a stock ROM it will come with the Android Market. In order to keep your apps between updates I suggest Titanium Backup, just be sure to restore only user apps and not system stuff because that might cause problems across ROMs.
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