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Thread: Is Adam an Audio book format reader?

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    Junior Member BillboTex is on a distinguished road
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    Question Is Adam an Audio book format reader?

    I know the Pixel Qi screen will give the advantage to Adam as an eReader. Does anyone know if it will also have the capability to allow you to listen to audio books?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I travel a lot and one use for the adam for me is listening to audio books. It will support mp3 and probably wma but don't quote me on wma. The wma will have to have Adobe editions or some kind of copy protection.
    Right now I just use an mp3 player, but it will be nice to have a bigger screen fore navigating media.

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    Junior Member BillboTex is on a distinguished road
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    Dec 2010
    Thanks for the reply jaytea. A GREAT feature of the Adam is that it is an ereader that can show color pictures from books in high resolution. Maybe I am wishing too much from what seems to be a tremendous product, but would be nice if it could also work as an audio book reader, and show pictures/tables/graphics/book cover, etc also in high definition? A lot of the physical books that I read have pictures like photography books.
    I am still wondering if it can play books purchased from places like Audible.com, Barns & Noble.com, AudioBookstore.com, etc.?

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    Senior Member tokyobreeze is an unknown quantity at this point
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    There's not much information available yet, but I am expecting that it would. From the blog posts, I am quite convinced that NI is technically capable of taking care of these software issues quite thoroughly and 'AudioBook' format support should be a basic requirement.

    Hopefully will be able to check myself in another 6 weeks when I get my 'Pixel Qi + Wifi' unit :-)

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    Hi BillboTex,
    Not sure if you are aware of lots of audio books available through libraries too. I have a subscription at a local library and get free audio books online through Library2Go. You can download and them and transfer to your device. I'll have to check but I think you may be able to save directly to an android device too. (not verified yet).

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    Junior Member josh is on a distinguished road
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    I don't doubt that the Adam will be capable of playing a number of audio formats - it's got it's own custom flavor of FFmpeg on board, so you'll be able to throw just about any format at it and it will handle just fine - mp3, wav, ogg... it'll do 'em all. And that's just audio. Video is where you're going to really see the power of their ability to play, on the fly any format you can throw at it.

    But in terms of proprietary audio book formats...? Good question.

    Take Audible, for instance - they use their own .AA format. The iOS devices can load these straight on without any trouble, but we don't know that for sure with the Adam - not yet anyway. It will be interesting to see, but by no means a deal breaker. There's an Audible app that can be loaded onto the device without much of a headache and streamline the process even further.

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