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Thread: Adam will not charge or power on.

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    Adam will not charge or power on.

    My Adam has stopped charging and will not power on. I have checked the voltage from the power adapter and output is around 19 VDC. No charging light and no response from Adam with the charger plugged in and activating the power switch. Need repair.

    PQi +3G
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    Try the reset button.
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    Have you dropped it? Does the charger wobble at all when plugged into the port? If so you may need solder on a new port! Hopefully the reset button will work!

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    no charge!!!!!!!!!!

    My ADAM with your case. I upgraded 3.0ROM, even the power on display: Charging (14%), six hours after my charge, still shows it is charging (14%), I would like to charge 12 hours to see if there is no possibility of return to normal.

    The e-mail fo Notion Ink Support team:
    (We suggest that you try conditioning your battery. To do this, kindly discharge the battery until it no longer turns on. Then, kindly charge your Adam for at least 12 hours and discharge completely again. Repeating this procedure will condition your battery and you should notice an improvement in battery life.

    Then, let us flash the device and please refer to the following link for detailed instructions.

    NV Flash Update - Linux

    NV Flash Update - Windows)

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