LeafCase was very generous and sent us for review a sample of their NI Adam cases. You can find their entire catalog here, this is a review of the Portrait Ultrasuede version.

One of the first things that you might want to do after receiving your Adam is buy a suitable case to carry and protect it. Initially many NA members bought cases made for netbooks, and while they got the job done, they lacked a certain je ne sais quoi in terms of style and fit. Let's see what LeafCase brings to the table.

The portrait case seems to reach a perfect balance between tight fit and space for accessories. As you can see below, the case is slightly wider than the Adam and has minimal height with it inside, making it suitable to carry inside another bag without adding much bulk.

The pockets can accommodate a 2.5" HD or cellphone, USB stick, pen, SIM card / SD card / microSD card. Something for future consideration might be the addition of a pouch for papers in the back or inside, but this would probably add to the thickness.

The Ultrasuede is a very nice fabric for the case, it gives it an elegant and soft feel. A drizzle or spilled drink should be no problem for the Ultrasuede because of its water-repellent nature, waterproof layer, and tight seams. Likewise, stains come off easily with a wet cloth.

The stitching is tight and flush, and the handmade quality stands out in a world of plastic/mass-produced cases.

Nonetheless, because of the nature of the material, it might be prone to scuffs, stretching and slight deformation. You can see in the picture below a mark in the pocket left by a pen, but after taking it out, the case healed after a couple hours. The scuffs came out with a wet cloth, but LeafCase also provides a 5-year warranty against more serious material defects.

For those of you looking for a case as unique and distinctive as the Adam, a handmade, tailor-fit LeafCase is a great choice. You can customize it with rings, add your name, and choose other materials like cotton and hemp. If you're looking for a different look, you can also choose a landscape version.

I hope that you find this review helpful, and feel free to ask any questions below.

P.S. Sorry for the crappy color changes from pic to pic, I'm not even amateur in my photography skills