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Thread: Engadget Official Review of Notion Ink Adam

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    engadget review

    so engadget finally did a review on the adam. check it out

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    I think that it was pretty clear that they were destined not to like it, but running stock it's not entirely unfair. That there are some issues with the Adam are clear. Indeed, in talking with an iPad fan today my beefs could be summarised as:
    • Stock isn't too hot and experience improves with a ROM... I've heard people say. iPad user was impressed with the idea that you could just load on another ROM without having to jailbreak.
    • Android OS just doesn't have the rock-solid mature feel that the iPad has. On the other hand, Apple user was impressed with widgets that could be interacted with and was frustrated by the fact that everything works in full screen with the iPad (I'm not sure if he has the iPaid1 or 1.5--yes, deliberate spelling and numbering ).
    • Battery life is not as originally claimed. It seems that I get 8-10 hours with WiFi, but I always tend to keep the screen on low brightness (though not on PQi) most of the time. Really must run some experiments when I get to the beach. Apple user agreed that this did indeed suck, but it seems to be a problem that is not limited to the Adam. iPhone battery is so much better than, say, the Samsung Fascinate and it has been argued that this is in part due to the software.
    • Software is buggy. As an example, we tried editing a photo in Canvas and the thing just kept FC'ing.
    • Wireless. It all-but-disappeared in moving the handful of feet into the office from the hallway and even then we weren't too far from the transmitter (a few walls).

    On the other hand, the form factor was a bonus. They reported that the iPaid was just "slippery" and so required a case to put some meat on the 'ole bones. Similarly, the USB 'ports were an advantage, and the PQi was fantastic.

    Thus, we were in agreement: he has a lover of i-things, and on my behalf as someone that isn't really sold on the mentality behind i-devices (though certainly not rabid). The iPad is great, with a beautiful screen and rock-solid software. There are some issues (the woeful Flash situation), how the iOS works (i.e. it works great as long as you want to work how the designers think that you should be working), but overall it's a quality build with some good software that mostly works (stupid email software). On the other hand, Adam had a better form-factor (despite the bezel) and the open nature of ports and software was good, even if the software isn't there yet. Perhaps not surprising given that people seem to have a knee-jerk reaction to develop on the i-gadget first. We could both see the potential of the Adam, but it's not quite there yet. The Apple user also became very excited about the Reasonspace app.

    Worth 3/10? I'm not sure that I would agree with that assessment, especially on stock (or so I've heard ). Unless, of course, the iPaid got a 4/10.
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