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Thread: Boycott Notion Ink Conclave until they protect your privacy.

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    There should be an option to either sign in with facebook or not in my opinion for many reasons and until thats the case i will not be joining unfortunately. As some have mentioned on other threads that we shouldnt complain and just create a fake facebook account which i totally disagree with as why on earth would people in their busy lifes want to even create more subscribed items for instance generate a new mail account and facebook account to just access a forum. Doesnt make sense to me as in my case (working in IT) i have enough to do already and why on earth would i want to do all that just to access a blinking forum! Maybe for some 16 year old who has just discovered the magical world of the internet never having one mail account in his life and nothing better to do yes that wouldnt be such a big deal but for the rest of the community i think many have other things to care about just to access a forum for a product they have purchased!! And yes i do have a facebook account but why would i want to associated a product i purchased with to have anything to do with my facebook account? yes it is just a marketing tool for NI but i dont have my recently purchased Fridge/Freezer or anything else associated with Facebook so i'm not going to start now...... wake up NI!!
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    No need to boycott, I refuse to have a Facebook account, so NI forums are out of the question by default.

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    I will not use facebook to join the support forum for something I bought using an email account i use for specific purposes. Let us use our registered email account.

    So boycotted by default. Forever waiting moderation. Forever POO! And proud of it.
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    agreed with this.
    IMO they should issue/email login ID based on device number/invoice number with an user generated password - so trolls can be filtered and ONLY adam owners have a say.
    A sub forum for general public to access is also not bad, so NI can feel the pulse/market analysis from non-owners also.

    Not registered yet...and will remain till NI sort this out.
    Currently I frequent NIH>NIA mainly. Have stopped looking at NI blog.

    NIH is a gem....where else will you have thread for support for USB modem? (which I feel NI should implement)..The community is more productive.(which I feel should be vice versa)

    Otherwise hoping to see the "conclave" (?little awkward) evolve to "contentment"

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    Quote Originally Posted by KirkP View Post
    No need to boycott, I refuse to have a Facebook account, so NI forums are out of the question by default.
    Second that.
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    I do not have Facebook and would not it never!
    Hence, the Conclave also will not be for me!
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    I heard that the Apple IPad wasn't that good of an investment but then someone told me that this Notion Ink Adam was something good to buy. So how does well does this object work? What certain things does it do? Also is it a good investment?

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    by forcing people to open a facebook account is almost the same as apple forcing people to use there app-store.

    give people a choice how to log in.

    It's like a mini skirt explanation. It covers just the most important things....

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