I have my Adam now for one week and I love it.

- Pixel Xi screen is the best. Reading newspapers, books in the train or outside in the garden in full sun light. It trully sets it apart any other tablet.
- USB ports, HDMI are also unique. Easy to put files on your Adam. Plenty of storage.
- After installing Beast it really became a usefull tablet, most importantly MArket, makes it a tablet for many app. I worked with Eden for 4 days and I liked it, but it was just not stable it after using Beast certainly to limited to customise.

Then some critical notes:
- Wifi is not functioning very well. Whether it is the antenna or the software I do not know but it does not have the seem reach as my laptop.
- stability is a sometimes still a problem. I had to unbrick my Adam once. But since then it is much better. Altough from time to time it gets 'slow' as it does not react to my finger movements on the scree. The buttons still work. Closing can be a problem, wait for more than a minute before close button reacts.
- My biggest dissapointment is battery life though. I had really expected to be able to work with it at least 15 hours. That is just not happening, may be 6 hrs. I have to bring the power plug with me to the office after a 1.5hr train commute and some demos in the office. Because I need enough juice for my 1.5 hr commute back.

I hope Honeycomb or new versions of Beast will improve stability and Wifi and battery life. But I already look forward to my vacation with my dad. He on his Ipad in the shadow and me in the bright sunligt reading, playing.