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Thread: Andriod Developers?

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    I have recently pushed my first application to the market (virtual pet game). I have tested it on a GalaxyTab at the Verizon store, and it works correctly. I obviously have not tested it on Adam, but will make sure it works once I get an Adam tablet. Waiting for pixel-qi to become available again...

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    I've done a little development for Android (I made a prime number finding app that I plan to publish to the market soon). For those asking how to start developing for Android, I would recommend learning some basic Java first (the base for the Android SDK). After that, the tutorials at the Android dev website are a good place to start. I definitely plan to develop for Adam as soon as the SDK is publicly available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bedta View Post
    I want to try develop android appsl. Where can i Find tutorials and other things. Is it difficult to develop a app??

    Have you worked with Java or any other programming language? Have you done any logical scripting PHP, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, AS3, ASP and etc? It would good to know where you are starting.
    There are books available, but be careful when picking one and make sure you read the "Who this book is for" page of the book before you buy one. There are some books that are for people who have minimal or no experience with Java. Then there are book that require you have a good base. as niklas mentioned there are many tutorials on Android development, but I will have to be honest some of the concepts like Intents can be confusing when you first start dealing with them. Let me know what your base knowledge is an I will be happy to point you to some resources that can help.

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    I am trying to connect my NI to my workstation, but I am unable to see the NI devices when I run adb.

    Anyone have advice in this?


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    I am assuming you are trying to set it up for development? Are you on windows, mac or linux? On windows I had issues getting my EVO going until I got the drivers. It is really plug and play on linux and I have no clue what to tell you on Mac. The first thing you need to try is to enable debug mode. Since I do not have an Adam I will give you generic instructions. Go to Settings>Applications>Development then enable debug mode in there. If you follow the instruction at for installing the SDK you should be able to run the sample applications with no problem.

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