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Thread: Goliath Case for Adam

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    Hmmn... I shall take a look-see. The Adam's camera has stopped working for whatever reason so this and AC3 should do be some archaeological goodies, methinks. That and getting back to Reasonspace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by breese View Post
    Received the armor, made a paper-cut in my finger whilst putting it on. It definitely does what it advertises, it's armor and I'm very pleased it's around our adam. I stepped on it too accidentally and the adam is still alive. We also just shove it into our backpack now without giving it a second thought and handle it quite a bit rougher than before, and the case stands up beautifully to this abuse. So all in all, for us, the goliath protection is awesome and we'll continue to use it. We were the ones that really wanted a cyan version, so we went for the brightest version we could get and it turned out to be real pretty (red on the outside, green on the inside).

    That said, we of course want to be helpful and honestly share some opinions on the case:
    x the edges of the case are sharp, sharp enough to provide my index finger with a paper-cut and it even drew some blood. If they could be rounded off somehow, that would make putting the armor/skin on and off more pleasant.
    x the "snaps" in different positions in the lid, to make the lid double as a stand, is absolutely fantastic as a stand. But it becomes a pita to open it up, like tinutac mentioned. My husband and I have a different opinion on this. I would like the lid to "open up" a bit further after the initial opening so I can more easily open it completely, he doesn't care and says the problem lays with me and me not being able to work it right, lol. Ah well, I still would like it to open up easier, whilst still keeping it securely closed when it needs to be closed.
    x the skin hangs loose on the edges instead of hugging it tightly, even with the armor on. It doesn't "snap" on as I saw in the video. Well, it kind of does, but touching it very slightly already makes it hang loose again. Perhaps beveling it more onto the screen like Alexadam said, will fix that issue. The "finding the soft buttons in the dark" thing, would be an added bonus.
    x the armor doesn't fit as nicely on the back skin as I would like it to. There is a space between the skin and the armor, leaving room for sand, dust and other particles to creep in between. To clean it, I have to remove the armor, which is a bit annoying. Perhaps something that makes the two parts click together on the sides would be helpful (right underneath the "round part" of the adam and in between there and the bottom would keep it into place) ?
    x we use the armor a lot with the lid turned on backwards and folded over the back like a book. BIG drawback: can't charge the adam, can't use headphones, can't adjust volume, can't restart when adam times out unwanted,... you get the picture. Not sure how you could fix this, because of the cool feature of being able to flip the lid and I wouldn't want to lose that one. But the issue with this is clear of course: If you put holes on one side, you have to put them on the other side as well or the hole will be on the wrong side when flipping the lid. I guess you could get away with doing the buttons only on one side (when opened like a book) because in most use cases that's when you'll want to be able to reach everything... - On the buttons: perhaps integrating a "softer" button like part into the material of the lid which would be able to push through, may fix this without loosing protection ?

    That's about it. As I mentioned, we really are happy with our case and the peace of mind it provides us, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be even more awesome.

    Thanks Nosanon for a cool product!
    Thanks for the comments, I appreciate the valuable feedback. It really helps in terms of developing future products, I'm sorry your finger got cut!

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    It looks great!!! only one for your adam?

    it will sell on market? I hole so! these cases looks good too,but none for adam
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