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Thread: conversion rate for indian buyers...?

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    conversion rate for indian buyers...?

    On 10 feb ,I have ordered Adam Lcd Wifi + 3G which is priced at 425$ ( exclusive of shipping )
    when i ordered with Indian rupee i was charged Rs 21416.00 which works out to 50.40 per dollar - seems to be much higher than the current conversion even considering the bank conversion charges, whereas for shipping(50$) they have taken 2350.00 which works out to Rs 47 per dollar . Looking for "clarity" on this conversion methodology from those who who chose to pay in Indian rupee or fellow notion addicts. your answer/notion ink response would help for those who are planning to order . TIA

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    You are right, even in December when I ordered the rate was quite the same! CCaveneue is making quick buck here, even PayPal doesn't charge that much.

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    Junior Member shampath is on a distinguished road
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    NOTION INK..Are you listening this. There is a difference between fair pricing/profit and killing profit that too for the person who is doing the mediation in the ordering process. If it goes to notion ink..that is totally different. we are in vague situation so i humbly feel it is the responsibility of NOTION INK to clarify for better customer understanding. if i am wrong correct me. with respect to NI i raise this. TIA

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    I believe that this thread belongs in the Shipping/Pricing Section of the forum.

    Thread Moved

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