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Thread: Best of CES 2011 - Engadget

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    Best of CES 2011 - Engadget

    Engadget just posted their best of CES 2011 and Notion Ink's Adam made runner-up in their tablet selection.

    Best of CES 2011

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    nice nice love it

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    Adam vs Vaporware

    Aren't the other two still vapor-ware?

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    Unless you believe they'll never be released, or they're more proof of concept rather than actual physical products then I don't think they fit the classic definition of vaporware. The Playbook looks fairly complete (certainly more so than the Xoom), but as with the Lenovo U1 at last year's CES maybe it is best to take a wait and see approach.

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    Aside from various bloggers and tech sites seeing and playing with the Adam at CES, I'm really surprised that no actual Adam reviews have been seen yet. My surprise is based on at least a couple review samples being sent out, and that any NDAs have been lifted by now. So I can only conclude that there were no Adams sent out for actual review. I did see in one of the Slashgear videos that John Biggs is actually going to be receiving one? So I guess it's possible that the reviewers have to wait for their device just like the rest of us, and that no advance units were sent out. For hardware devices, this is uncommon actually. I'll be willing to bet some reviewers get their hands on a Moto Xoom before the general public does.

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    Glad to see this.

    I still don't think it's fair to give others credit for Honeycomb and Marketplace access, and ding NI, when: (a) Honeycomb, w/ accompanying Marketplace access, hasn't been released yet (you cannot currently buy a tablet w/ Honeycomb and Marketplace access), and (b) NI will get them when they are released.

    Would they prefer NI delay Adam until Honeycomb is released to all tablets? Is that preferable to launching now and incorporating Honeycomb when it's released? (How long did it take to incorporate code from the last update? 2 weeks? NI has been pretty fast in this regard.)

    Also, I never got the feeling that Engadget fully understands Eden. Seems to me like they think it's merely window dressing, a nice GUI overly ala HTC Sense for phones. Seems like they don't realize that NI has found a way to overcome the seeming contradiction of offering more power plus more battery life. Powerful, smooth multitasking while, at the same time, increasing battery life is a pretty big deal, if you ask me.

    Plus, if you want to use stock android, you can. Just swipe w/ two fingers, and you should be happy. Isn't having the option of stock android or Eden a good thing? Would it be better to not have that choice, to only be able to use stock? So why penalize NI for Eden if you don't love it (e.g., if you find it confusing).
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