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February-10-2011, 08:00 AM
I got the Adam about a week ago and these are my findings. Keep in mind, you might not have the same issues as me, but I can assure you, some have. Meaning, I am not the only one.

Before I begin - My adam has never been rooted, but it has the latest update.

The Good
1) Ergonomics - I LOVE IT. I love having the "grip." It makes it so easy to hold. I would move the volume button towards the top about an inch though.
2) The bezel - Actually I think works well on the adam, it keep your fingers off the screen when they don't need to be on the screen. For example, when your just holding it your hands. I also like the placement of the four main buttons on the laptop
3) Pixel Qi and Transflective Screen - Neat
4) Touch Sensitivity - I think it is pretty good. Even my top of my screen seems a bit better.
5) Charge Time - about 2 hours from 6% to 100%. My adam turns itself off at about 6%
6) Swivel Camera - The camera swivel action works great.
7) Speakers - works very well as does my headphone jack.

The Bad
1) Battery - Sucks. Simply Put. Taking into account the claims by NI, my reality of 5 hours really stinks. This is without a single app even on the Adam. Basically running nothing. You can get closer to 6 hours if you turn the brightness way down; but then you can't see a thing. Oh, and by the way, not matter when mode I have it in (Airplane, Wifi, etc), there is virtually no change on the way the battery operates. It continuously discharges.
2) GPS - Works sometimes for me, and not other times. I still have never been able to get point to point directions going.
3) Screen fluidity - It noticed it gets choppy when scrolling using the Dolphin Browser, but seems fine with Angry Birds.
4) The screen colors - They are just not that good. Sort of expected.
5) Indicator light - The device does not tell you when it is 100% charged. Should go from yellow to blue, but it just turns solid blue from the start.
6) The whole sleep mode concept. Sometimes it sleeps, sometimes it doesn't and just turns off. Sometimes, when it sleeps, it still drains the battery.
7) Camera Software - White balance anyone?
8) Customer Service - Sucks. Simply put. No number to call. Time differences (I am in the US). Sometimes they just don't respond and leave you hanging.

February-10-2011, 08:21 AM
Thanks for your post on your experiance with you adam. It seems like almost all,if not all the cons you listed could be fixed with software tweaks. You might want to try to find an app called "Juice Defender" to try and save some more battery life.


February-10-2011, 01:16 PM
hey at least yours turned off. my adam would cycle its screen on and off every 2 mins.

February-10-2011, 01:50 PM
hey at least yours turned off. my adam would cycle its screen on and off every 2 mins.

That's sad. Are you getting a replacement or is NI going to fix it by OTA?

February-10-2011, 08:27 PM
It has also been said that the cell standby service takes up about 50% of the battery time. If you are getting 5 hours now with this service off you could probably get more like 10 hours or more. The issue is I dont think they have a way to disable this service yet on Adam but here is a link to see about this on Nook.